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6/23/20212 min read

6/20/2021 I have made so many plans throughout my years on the interwebs the first time I made a website yet I've let time passand now i feel I am so creative but have no talent I first went online when I was tweleve and a friend taught me how to use the email. Back then passwords were like 12345678 the start of hotmail.com and we learned of msn chat and teenchat in school.it was based on a clan that went and faught people in chatrooms with some weird role playing rules and people would cheat using word flooders and stuff in the end it seemed like people prepare and it was worth persuing any game. When I was thirteen I downloaded books like do not steal this book i learned about ares and warez kazaa napster P2P in general etc.. even made a .bat and killed a buncha computers in school when i was 15. By 16 I stopped using chatrooms I loved Newgrounds and tried raising states and even tried making some Macromedia flash.,

7/3/2021 I am travis meness, born June 22 1988, odd doubles get my attention. I have been trying to communicate with the rothschild instead of seeking attention to the CBC or whatever. I love history more than my parents and more than most people today, I worked in the archives read all the land claims and files in various boxes and love knowing about the ottawa. I would of never found out, sure I red about freemasonry and the world renowned since Julius Ceasar. But I am at that point I need to communicater my notions they have been proven and people dont want to talk about it sometimes.

1/3/2022Happy New Years, Ive decided to gather what I know about what in the terms of history and knowledge a little network of info I can garner. Life is changing alot for me and may change alot more, 5th lockdown since Covid started I am reluctant to state my mind old empirical ambitions come to mind. I was thinking of trying to program some parcheesi I really want to get bitcoin oriented without mining just like trading and game site war type simulation. 6/13/2022I am getting some Ideas of what to do with the website for now Im just going to archive my past on the front page and watch it evolve in the picture zone mayhablys. Perhaps if anyone is interested in me moving all this in the journal section and posting their stuff I can be persuaded with Shib and Babydoges.